The Impact

The Impact

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At FNTE, we value our donors and do not take your contributions for granted. We do our best to inform our family of donors about the lifelong difference FNTE is making in the lives of the poor families in Africa. Over the last 4 years, the successes of our projects in Burkina Faso are remarkable, including, but not limited to:

  • Sustainability: Two years after reception of our care package, families are making enough food for themselves and have sent a first child to school. At the 5th year of the care package, bulls are sold at double their initial cost; farmers are required to buy 2 younger bulls to continue the cycle, and to use the other half of their money to send a 2nd or 3rd child to school. As the cycle continues, famine and poverty are out, and education and hope are in.
  • 80 families have already received a care package, each consisting of 2 bulls, a plow, a yoke, a bag of rice and, most importantly, our agricultural and financial training. Those families of 12 people minimum will no longer starve.
  • 150 children from those families now attend school for education for the first time in the history of their families.
  • Over 11,000 people now have access to clean water every day at the clean water wells we’ve designed and drilled in the village of Thyou. Women in the village will no longer walk for miles for water. Unclean water, diseases, yellow fever, and malaria are out and health is in.
  • A 49 acres property is now available for FNTE’s first school. Poor children from the villages will have the opportunity to attend high school and therefore make it to the university. The middle school is now under construction.
  • There is no way we can estimate the local empowerment of hope seeded in the hearts. What is unfolding is even greater.
  • FNTE has nothing to do with short-run fixes; everything we do is to make a significant and lasting difference.
  • Local governments are on board and appreciate the difference we’ve made in their communities.

Many other villages are now requesting our care package and many countries such as Togo, Liberia, Niger and Chad are next. We know that you can help us provide the long lasting difference in the most destitute and desperate places.

Stories of change

Dominique (40)
I am a farmer with 13 people including a widow and her 2 kids left behind by my brother who passed away in 2007. Honestly, we have never had food every day. I used to eat every other day so the kids could have a meal per day. Now we all eat every day and 3 of my kids including the youngest orphan are attending the elementary school here in the village, thanks to FNTE. The financial class changed my thinking. By next year I’m going to buy a scooter. Hee! Alfred, you changed my life and I don’t know how much to thank you for your generosity.

Rasmane (60)
I don’t know where to start. Even if I died today, I know my 2 wives and my children and sister’s families will never starve, thanks to FNTE. Please tell Alfred and his friends thank you from us. You have no idea how much I love seeing my little ones going to school with food in their tummies. God bless you!

Moussa Abel (32)
I have 3 younger brothers, one sister, my mom, my wife and my 2 kids. My aunt’s daughter also lives with us. My dad passed away when I was 16. I remembered when Alfred was disowned by his dad and wasn’t going to school; we hunted birds and rats for food. He always said, ‘Never give up!’ He didn’t talk much but would tell you the truth in the face, like it or not. I wish I had listened to him more. I haven’t seen love like Alfred’s except that of Jesus. Glad you didn’t forget people like me. Thanks brother! I didn’t get a chance to go to school but I am so grateful to FNTE for giving the opportunity to send my kids to school. I can’t wait to see you again. God bless you!

Zenabo (50)
My husband and I received the care package 2 years before he passed away. He always talked about how grateful he was to FNTE and Alfred for helping us make enough food. We are a total of ten in the family and everyone eats food we could never have had by cultivating with our own hands. Our youngest daughter is in 2nd grade. Our bulls are already big and we have the clean water well close by. I don’t know how to put it into words but thank you for easing my pain. God bless you!

Marcel (58)
We have a total of 17 people in our family including my brother and I, our wives, children and 2 orphans. People usually say things and don’t do it, but Alfred does what he says. I used to live in Ivory Coast, so I didn’t really know Alfred but I believe his heart is bigger than he is. Also, I have to say it; I didn’t know his idea was going to make such a big difference. Believe it or not we are 10 times better today than we have ever been in my entire life and, we now have 3 kids attending school, thanks to FNTE.